Helping busy female entrepreneurs create an authentic social media presence and grow their business through organic engagement.


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Who I am

My name is Mia - I am wife to a Sailor & mommy to a beautiful toddler boy.  I am extremely passionate about social media, specifically Instagram and YouTube, and I love being able to support other amazing female entrepreneurs! 

Mia is the greatest! Honestly, she has been so helpful without having to explain & talk about a lot of things. It’s so awesome!!
— Miara Shaw, Maven Business Academy

My Mission

I am here to make your life easier while helping you focus on growing your business. In a world driven by technology, I create the space for you to focus on your clients, creativity, and business expansion, while I manage your customer contact and social media content.

How Do I AchIEVE that?

As a lifestyle blogger, health coach, photographer, boss babe - you want to help people live their best lives.  You want to coach them through their life obstacles so that they can grow or achieve things they never thought possible.

But perhaps, as you've grown, you may have found yourself waking up to a ton of client direct messages that need responses.  You might have found yourself typing the same response almost everyday to potential clients.  Maybe as your client list has grown, you've found yourself struggling to manage current clients while keeping yourself relevant on social media.

That's where I come in.  I will take the customer contact off your hands, I will create a social media strategy so that you can rest assured that your clients (and potential clients) will be taken care of.  I will manage your social media posts and responses so that you can stay relevant and expand your social media footprint. 

Basically...I take the everyday social media items off your hands so that you can focus on what matters. 

Your clients & your business. 

After all...that's why you started this business, right?  

Learn more about my services here.  

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